January 26, 2016

Taiwan Tea Trip Photo Journal, November 2015

A recent visit to Alishan tea plantations in Taiwan surely added a new dimension to my daily tea enjoyment.  While preparing tea, I can visualize the sloped green tea fields, the aromas of fresh tea production seeping through the lodge window, the radiant smiles of the plantation B&B's owner....
Below are my photo journals in 5 album links. Most pictures carry commentary captions.  So prepare a cup of your favorite tea, and take a high mountain field trip with me.  Enjoy! 

(For interested readers, my visit to Tong Ting tea plantation entry was posted on Dec 7 2011; visit about 2006 Yilan tea trip was posted on May 23, 2011

August 19, 2015

Summer tea

I like my new tea discovery this summer!  It's a refreshing tisane brewed from dry hibiscus septa petals. 

The pretty pink drink tastes very clean, with hints of kosher pickle and cranberry juice. Here is the weblink for this unique drink among unlimited tea choices.

August 17, 2015

Nature's Wonder in Summer

Early morning and late evening are the best time of summer days for garden walk.  During the middle hot portion of the day, it's nice to sit facing the window and look out for occasional cat visitors, or baby rabbit and squirrel hopping by.  Here are some pictures from my summer garden and neighborhood.  Enjoy nature's summer display!