March 28, 2011

Spring is Here!

During my search for timely cherry blossom pictures for the blog, I chanced to find one of blooming pansies (My kids used to call pansies "Happy Faces".) It was taken during my Japan cherry blossom trip in 2006--along with images of cute tea houses, artful teapot displays and gardens of historical sites. Below are few more selections to celebrate DC's cherry blossom festival week with my readers.

Cherry and Camilla blossoms in Tokyo's Asakusa Park

street view from a Kyoto's temple pavilion

light meal with tea

elegant tearoom decoration on the wall

March 4, 2011

French Pastry at Teatime

A delightful paring for the smooth Darjeeling black tea could be any French pastry longingly perused by calorie-conscious women young or old.  The eye candy picture above frequently comes to me through my favorite blog feed: ParisBreakfast by Carol Gillott.  Her March 2nd entry is quite a guide for Paris tea salons.

Timing is right for me to mention the newly relesed documentary Kings of Pastry .  One can't help but respect the devotion of French chefs' dedication to their craft.

After viewing the movie with the cine club of Alliance Fran├žaise of Frederick, I surely appreciate every bite of  beautiful pastry as a work of art!