November 16, 2010

Glorious seasonal colors

Persimmon, apple, grape platter with dry fruit and nut snack try

The warm golden tones of leaves this fall provide various shades to the glorious sky canvas for all to see.  I can't help but praise our creator for the beauty of this season.   Rich color permeates the air and the harvest:--apple, persimmon, permanganate, pumpkin, grape, fig, sweet potato... plus wines and teas!  Thanksgiving greetings to all.

mix of dry and fresh leaves add interest to the arrangment

November 7, 2010

Removing the stumbling blocks for a better cup of tea

A recent article in the TeaMuse newsletter laid out five ways to remove the stumbling blocks for a better cup of tea  (take too much time to make, too much utensils involved....)  Not so!  The author did a great job in clarifying the common misconception in her delightful but convincing style.  I hereby add another tip for my blog readers: provide an inviting atmosphere and a tea corner to facilitate your tea making.