March 23, 2008

Tea Good for the King (and Queen)

Last year I attended a tea talk by Mr. Liu, TenRen Tea's store owner at Rockville of MD . He said that "King's Tea" is a blend of oolong with a touch of ginseng to produce pleasant sweet aftertaste. No wonder I like it so much! He also said that once you recognize the particular sweet aftertaste while partaking a new tea, you can well assume that it contains some ginseng during its processing. I think King's tea's natural sweetness will be helpful for tea drinkers to wean away from the sugar bowl at tea table.

Since the blends become quite popular, there are arrays of King's tea products from TenRen Tea Company. The product number ending in "9" are the blends of dark oolong (longer roasting time, golden color tea brew), and the number ending in "3" are the blends of green oolong (shorter roasting time, greenish yellow tea brew). The price of King's tea varies with the grade of tea used in the blend. If you like fragrant oolong, King's # 403 or #313 would be a nice treat for your tea enjoyment.