January 1, 2011

Start the year with "Back to Nature" life style

at Woodstock's Biling Farm
The enlightening TED talk by Dan Barber reminds me that drinking tea is the easiest way we can connect to natural foods on daily basis.  All the good things which are produced in tea leave cells in fresh air would be gently simmered out from the dried leaves into your tea cup ....  His recent interview by NPR (at time marker 45:45) furthers the topic of tea's anti-angiogenetic property (RE: Dr. William Li's TED Talk in my Aug.09, 2010 blog entry) and  health benefits of natural foods with better flavor.

at farmer's market in Vermont
So my 2011 new year resolution (which should be easy to carry out) : more visit to farmer's markets and surrounding gardens, more cooking at home!