September 15, 2011

Hope for fresh tea produced nearby

antique hot drinks dispenser in Columbus, IN
Recently a tea blog updates me on few more active tea plantations in US.  One  place opens to the public is the Charleston Tea Plantation .  If you are a tea enthusiast and loves to travel, mark your calendar for the plantation's annual
2012 First Flush FesTEAval on Sunday, May 20th. The plantation is open year round: the harvest season starts in May and the Camellia Sinensis plants begin to bloom in late September.

For my tea blog readers near Alabama vicinity, check out this seemingly charming place for yourself: Fairhope Tea Plantation . 

Fresh mozzarella and tomato platter at "The Old Fashioned" restaurant in Madison, WI
It is back to college time, here is a helpful article for the mothers to prepare for tea-loving sons and daughters to stay healthy: Campus teatime

Enjoy tea wherever you are!