February 21, 2015

Celebrating Chinese New Year

If someone asks me how would I like to celebrate Chinese new year in a fun way, my choice would be to invite a few friends to enjoy a hot pot meal or make dumplings, spring rolls together.  Traditional foods from childhood memory and share together with friends create new memorable moments.  Here are the pictures I took recently to welcome the lunar new year of ram.  Enjoy!

Eight Treasures Hot Pot Soup as a center piece
Fruits and nuts portray wishes of long life
Shanghainese wontons arranged by a young in house artist

This bowl of wonton soup covers all essentials for a yummy Chinese dish: appearance, aroma and flavor!

Spices used in tea egg braising liquid in addition to black tea

tea eggs soon to be revealed for the unique marbled look

marbling on the tea egg and on the shells 

home fried shrimp chips--look and taste good

Happy Year of lunar year of Ram (4713)!
(drawn by my friend Yiling)