January 23, 2008

Making Friends through Tea Chats

Knowing Donna and becoming her friend was quite a "surendipity" occurrence. (I finally get to use this big word after learning how to pronounce it!). It happened four years ago in a downtown Frederick store where I usually visit after my library book return. A jolly voice was asking the clerk how to get to a tea shop nearby. Since I did know the way, I chipped in to help. Then her bubbly personality leaded to an invitation for me to attend her upcoming tea party! It was such a fun experience to meet her artistic tea-loving friends in her well decorated Victorian home.

Our friendship started with tea chats and gradually builds upon common interests in mostly tea-related activities, such as gardening, dining and travels. The get-togethers has not been as often recently as before due to the busy lives we have, but I am sure that we can smoothly pick up our friendship -- just like warming up to a nice cup of fragrant tea -- anytime!

(The picture above showcases Donna's backyard gazebo in the spring.)