January 25, 2008

Playing the Role as Community "Chinese Tea Ambassador"

Photo: The launching event of my "Chinese Tea Ambassador" role for the Frederick community.

Besides my father, the most influential person who plays a part in turning me into a tea enthusiast is my friend Liz. As a Chinese saying goes, she is the "honorable person" bestowed in my life through God's grace. In the past three years, she has been the advocate for my tea knowledge and encouraged me to share this traditional Chinese culture with the local community. My participations would then bring forth new acquaintances and invitations. Since most events are requests for my tea talks or demos, the invitations make me feel like a voluntary Chinese tea ambassador!

Besides her boundless energy and kind heart, she has the wisdom and tenacity to draw out people's talents for common good. Through her hard work in establishing the Life and Discovery Institute, she is truly a practicing Christian who has blessed many people's life--mine included.

During tea talks and demo, I also share the Chinese cultures and customs with the community. So far, I have been invited to church's mother/daughter and Christmas tea events; middle and high school Chinese language classes; book study clubs and women's social clubs. Perhaps my role playing as "Chinese Tea Ambassador" may turn into "Chinese Culture Ambassador" someday? :))